The Best Camera (apparently) is the one with you.

I took this photo on December 27, 2008 well before I decided to take photography more seriously. The reason I point that out is that this photo is taken with a Nikon D80 which was categorized in its day as a ‘pro-sumer’ or advanced amateur quality. Regardless of how it was perceived, it could take pretty good photos when the light was in your favor. It had the DX sensor which was a step below the full frame FX which I now use in two different bodies.

I submitted it to the Strathmore Times shortly after taking it and they ran it two editions later. My feelings at the time were along the lines of “It’s not good enough to run right away?” I can’t speak for every photographer but when I review photos in Lightroom after downloading them, it takes only a split second to recognize something that I really like. My heart seems to speed up, and I quickly go about editing it for the effect that I think it demands. Sometimes I print it out, take it to work and hang it on the wall thinking that someone will surely come to the same conclusion that I had about it. That happens much less than I imagined it would  ;).

There are lots of things I like about this capture:

  • first and foremost their faces are perfect! They show the exhilaration and joy they are feeling.
  • the girl in the background is actually leaning back a bit which says speed to me.
  • the girl in the foreground has her hands wrapped around Dad’s neck, hanging on for dear life! Mittened hands unable to grasp one another.
  • Dad’s hands are kicking up the snow trying to respect the speed limit on the hill. Speed is critical to the story of the photo.
  • Dad is looking right at the lens and his hat is on backwards…did you notice?

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