Takakkaw Falls – Out of the Ordinary

I may have read a book or two about photography and I wish it would all stick in my brain. The only thing that really ‘took’ however was a photographer buddy telling me about his schtick. He said that he was known for low angle shots and for sure he was a pretty agile dude so it wasn’t a stretch for me to imagine that. With that in mind and on our way back home driving through British Columbia, we decided to stop at Takakkaw Falls. I had never been there as a kid, it was just a sign that we whizzed past. Before you take a close look at my photo do a Google search for Takakkaw Falls and see what turns up. I did and you will only see the whole fall in all its majesty. On this day as I walked up the trail to the base I saw something else; a different perspective. It was the little tail at the bottom that caught my attention. The mist had created this little micro climate and it was all nice and lush down there. I like this view where the crystal clear water slows its descent and forms a cascade. You will also notice the black stroke around the edge that makes the scene ‘pop’.

Yup, I jacked up the saturation and clarity. Don’t hate me for that 😉

4 thoughts on “Takakkaw Falls – Out of the Ordinary”

    1. Hey Sam! Thanks for the kind words. I often accentuate the “kakka” when I say it for maximum nuttiness. For all of my faithful followers, Samantha Adkins is a renowned author and lover of all things Jane Austen. I suspect there is some inter-mingling of your followers and mine 😉
      See Samantha’s information here: austengurl.blogspot.ca

  1. Hi Martin, nice shot! Kind of makes me want to go there. And in my humble opinion, making adjustments isn’t a hateable (not really a word) offence. I liken it to an artist painting a scene, in this case a waterfall. The artist essentially fills the canvas with her/his interpretation of how the scene looked at the time. Making adjustments to an image, in my view, is the same thing. The image you make is your art. Certainly there are limitations to this when shooting documentary/editorial images but for other works, I can’t always trust the camera to see what I saw. Just my opinion.

    1. Hey Doug, thanks for backing me up! You should totally go there it’s not too far away and there is more than waterfalls. I saw some little chipmunks too that are pretty tame.

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