RCMP Motorcycle

Sometimes, in fact many times, simplicity can be the photographers greatest ally. I was drawn to this RCMP motorcycle one hot Canada Day because of some elements that really caught my eye. The colours aren’t specific to these Harley Davidson machines as you will find them on all the police vehicles but I liked the shape of the gas tank and how the stripes went off into the distance. I used a large aperture (small number!) to minimize the depth of field and placed the bison head logo right in the middle of it. The seat adds some shape to the left side of the frame creating a sense of the pocket where the rider sits. In honesty, the one thing that bothers me about this photo is Continue reading RCMP Motorcycle

Another Side by Side Comparison

I like messing around with photos in Adobe Lightroom as a rule, actually. In this case I took it one step further and took this image into a program called Photomatix. Some people are offended by this as the photographer is seen to be ‘tampering’ with the original image. I am more interested in evoking emotions as opposed to adhering to some sort of code of conduct. Certainly a photographer should never (read more)


Since I became involved with the Air Cadet program I have come to realize how valuable it is to young people in their development not only for themselves, but for society in general. I took this photo some years ago at a Rememberance Day ceremony here in my small town where the local squadron takes part by placing a poppy on the cenotaph for each local resident who lost their life fighting for our country. Then they escort others to the front to lay a wreath.

The repeating vertical lines, the reflection in the floor, and the small peek at the poppies in this photo are key to how it it works functionally, but more important is (read more)