Super Voracious

I have known for a few years that ladybugs (lady birds, lady beetles) are great to have around during the summer as they have a great appetite for aphids which are fairly irritating in large numbers. What I didn’t know was that a certain species was introduced to Canada from Asia in the 70’s to control aphids and other crop eating insects. In my mind this makes it one of the few success stories for this sort of tampering with nature. It’s possible that there are many other success stories but I suppose we only hear about the ones that become invasive and a nuisance.

If you can trust birds at all, we can safely assume ladybugs don’t taste very good as birds avoid eating them as they are warned by their colourful and distinct markings. I think if birds ever decide to take over the world, I will dress up as a ladybug and they’ll leave me alone as well thus allowing me to live a normal life.

This particular photo was taken in my backyard on October 1, 2011 as the petals of the flowers began their descent into dull, earthy tones. Like the dragonfly, ladybugs can stay nice and still while I fumble around with the settings on my camera and feel for my reading glasses in coat pockets overstuffed with camera bits and pieces. This sort of image is best taken with a macro lens although other less expensive methods can be utilized.

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