Same place, different composition.

The two photos below were taken on the west coast (what a great place!) near Sooke, BC. They are taken from the exact same location but by changing the zoom on the lens, the perspective changes significantly. In the first image the lens is set to 24mm and the second is zoomed all the way in to 70mm, both at f10.

The first image puts the shallow tidal pool at the ‘forefront’ of the image 😉 and the trees in the background play a minor role. In the second image, the trees gain importance with the fog that hangs around them.

There is very little messing around digitally with these photos, it really looked like this on that day.

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2 thoughts on “Same place, different composition.”

  1. I’m in the 50% (so far) that voted for the tide pool. Looking at these images, I am drawn first to the clear/in focus areas, then to the other elements. So on first glance I found the pool more interesting than the rocks in the 70mm version. IMHO 🙂

    1. It’s my preference as well but a friend of mine begged me to send him a version of the second one that would fit on his phone!

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