Rodeo Ropin’

If only I had shot this photo in Rimbey or Redwater I could have a nice stream of alliteration for the post title but I took this at the Strathmore Rodeo. There was only one day in my life that I went to the rodeo with the ‘big gun’ (large camera with long lens) and I sure came away with some images that I really like. In the post “Great Places” I had found a comfy spot to shoot from and what was interesting was that there wasn’t just one place to be, one had to move around for each event. The barrel racing location wasn’t necessarily as good for calf roping, for example. It was certainly fun to watch the other photographers jockey around the fence poking their long lenses through the rusty bars trying to create something.

I found out that day that I should probably start some kind of training regime. Some of those super spots were hard on my flabby frame because to get the best angle it always required a bit of contortion; half crouching, leaning sideways, and staying out of the line of sight of others. If you are thinking of doing this I highly recommend some yoga, pilates, or at the very least a few minutes per day of doing the plank.

There were certain things about this one that I really liked:

  • The sideways tongue of the horse. He seems to be trying really hard. If that was me yanking on a calf I would probably would hold my tongue sideways too.
  • The peanut gallery in the background. I see six hats on the left and then the cowboy in the middle like a big cluster but then a lonely dude on the right…

For this photo I selectively desaturated the Wrangler posters a bit. In the original they really take over the scene.

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