Realty Reality

Now that my title skills are approaching genius level, I have taken to coming up with titles first and then making the content match it. That may seem like something that a sane person should not do, and you would be correct but here we go anyway.

Years ago I imagined myself as an accomplished real estate photographer who would dash in and out of homes with my camera flailing around my neck with a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude. Certainly these photographers travel in lofty circles while in the suburbia at one moment and the next at the penthouse of the rich and famous. I studied the photos on websites to see if I could reverse engineer what they had done. The biggest lesson I learned was that the photos all had amazing lighting usually created with multiple flashes all triggered at the same time. Lately I have noticed a different effect that can be traced to a software solution.

For your perusal, I offer up the following five images taken consecutively and with different exposures.

The first image is ‘correctly exposed’ if you let the camera do all the thinking. The others are underexposed to reveal the world outside the window. If you are selling a house and there happens to be something nice outside the window, it is best to show it off. When I stood at this window, my eyes made all the glorious computations necessary for me to see the inside and outside at the same time without blowing out any information. Notice the first image has nothing in the window whereas the last 2 or 3 contain that information but the inside of the room is left in the dark.

Using special software, I blend all the images together and manipulate the various controls available. I especially alter the tone to make the images warmer. This is partly due to the camera which records the image faithfully and my own personal preference. I’m guessing that others like houses looking warm too.

Below I demonstrate the result.




















Check out some real estate websites that are showing million-dollar-plus homes and see how these houses are faithfully displayed as your own eye would see it. It sells homes.

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