Perspective in photography usually means changing your position to gain a new image which perhaps shows the view that someone or something else might have. It may also show a distorted image where it looks like the observer is inside a bubble like when a real estate photographer wants to make a room look larger and the distortion looks unreal and manipulative.

I’m thinking about a different definition of perspective with this blog post and it has to do with how we see ourselves and how we fit into the space we are in. I took the photo below quite some time ago of a young boy who was playing hide and seek with my kids and a number of others. He thought he was hiding but while I watched the kids maneuver themselves into various covert hiding places, he chose the tall green grass. Maybe the best players of hide and seek can see themselves as others do thereby avoiding this tactical ‘faux pas’.

I played around with the saturation of the green grass on this photo reducing it to a bland gray weave of lines while the youngster stood out in the middle. It was a very compelling as a photo but that effect has had it’s day. I chose to stick with the green grass as a contrasting element.


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