Fire, fire, fire

This may sound like a call to arms but it’s more about repeating the same word three times for effect and because I am not bright enough to make a catchy title. It’s also about the subject of the blog post today: fire. As in real fire. The kind that can burn you.

This photo was taken handheld near Gull Lake, Alberta during a campfire moment as you may see. In the background the dark, deciduous forest seems to say “Nothing to look at here but look at the fire, it’s awesome!”

That is to say the background is dark and focusing our attention on the fire itself. The image itself is 100% unedited for colour, saturation, or any of those unclean post-production activities. Straight out of the camera except for the black border which at the top of the image, melds into the background (I like that).

There are those fire photos that suggest a ghostly figure or ominous shapes within the licking flames. If you see one let me know because I sure don’t see anything and it would make a really great story if there was a secret message being sent to us through the flames like “Oooohhhh, I see at man riding a train in Paris with a croissant in his hand!  I must go to Paris immediately! Au revoir!”



One thought on “Fire, fire, fire”

  1. That is a pretty amazing shot. I think I do see something. A spray nozzle and some ski goggles. I think it’s calling you to have a water gun fight with your kids! Also, thanks for the plug in the last post comments!

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