Colour Collusion

Sometimes I produce a title that is so amazing and comes so quickly it astounds even me. I was thinking this week that I should hire someone to write titles for me when I’m not feeling the creativity flowing but after this blog post I think I have my mojo back again.

Too much yellow here you say?? You may recall the blog post “Rodeo Ropin’ ” where I pulled back the yellow in the Wrangler sign as I felt it was taking attention away from central focus of the image. Here there seems to be a lot of yellow – pollen and petals (I’m on fire!!) team up against the dark bits of bees and seeds and the green slice of background which is there thankfully to help balance it out.

Bee Taking a Break

It could be just me but I feel like bees always have a stern countenance and are sending me signals as I encroach into their personal space. That is what makes us wary of them.

Time for a vote again.

Does this photo have too much yellow in it?

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Takakkaw Falls – Out of the Ordinary

I may have read a book or two about photography and I wish it would all stick in my brain. The only thing that really ‘took’ however was a photographer buddy telling me about his schtick. He said that he was known for low angle shots and for sure he was a pretty agile dude so it wasn’t a stretch for me to imagine that. With that in mind and on our way back home driving through British Columbia, we decided to stop at Takakkaw Falls. I had never been there as a kid, it was just a sign that we whizzed past. Before you take a close look at my photo do a Google search for Takakkaw Falls and see what turns up. I did and you will only see Continue reading Takakkaw Falls – Out of the Ordinary

Flower Focus

When the depth of field is very short, the focus becomes critical. Are the eyes of the person sharp, is the right thing in focus? This post has to do with the main theme or focus of the image itself. I include this photo today because for me, it lacks focus. Not that I dislike it because I really enjoy the interplay of colours, the sharpness of the very center, and the narrow depth of field. If my memory serves me correctly, Continue reading Flower Focus

Super Voracious

I have known for a few years that ladybugs (lady birds, lady beetles) are great to have around during the summer as they have a great appetite for aphids which are fairly irritating in large numbers. What I didn’t know was that a certain species was introduced to Canada from Asia in the 70’s to control aphids and other crop eating insects. In my mind this makes it one of the few success stories for this sort of tampering with nature. It’s possible that there are many other success stories but I suppose we only hear about the ones that become invasive and a nuisance.

If you can trust birds at all, Continue reading Super Voracious


Perspective in photography usually means changing your position to gain a new image which perhaps shows the view that someone or something else might have. It may also show a distorted image where it looks like the observer is inside a bubble like when a real estate photographer wants to make a room look larger and the distortion looks unreal and manipulative.

I’m thinking about a different definition of perspective with this blog post and it has to do with (read more)

Another Side by Side Comparison

I like messing around with photos in Adobe Lightroom as a rule, actually. In this case I took it one step further and took this image into a program called Photomatix. Some people are offended by this as the photographer is seen to be ‘tampering’ with the original image. I am more interested in evoking emotions as opposed to adhering to some sort of code of conduct. Certainly a photographer should never (read more)

Macro Photography

When doing macro photography with moving things its always a bit of a tricky endeavour. The macro lens does its magic at very high f-stops and if there is any movement perpendicular to the sensor, the desired part of the image may be out of focus due to the very small depth of field. In this case a calm day and a bug that knows how to hold still are very important to success.

I messed around with the cropping on this one for quite a while until I was happy with it. You should also know that (read more)

Great places.

There are certain places that seem to lend themselves to action photos. The local rodeo is certainly one of them. With a big lens in hand, you can stroll around and get right up to the fence or wander around the infield getting some images of the cowboys and cowgirls. Barrel racing is also a great sport as you can count on the horse and rider to (read more)

First Post

Nothing too clever to say here other than I am going to start throwing photos up here in the blog and see what happens. Mainly it’s for me to get my head back into photography. If no one sees this, I won’t be upset.

These first photos were taken on Canada’s west coast near Shirley, BC. It’s two takes on a single photo. Do you have a preference?